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Health Kinesiology
Health Kinesiology

The official site of Health Kinesiology founded by Dr. Jimmy Scott,
creator of the Allergy Tap™ and author of Cure Your Own Allergies in Minutes.

'Helping people reach their potential emotionally,
intellectually, physically, and spiritually.'

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Health Kinesiology (HK) is best described as an advanced and integrated system of BioEnergetic Kinesiology (the general term for all types of kinesiology, coined by Dr. Scott in 1997). HK is also a type of Specialized Kinesiology, although we prefer not to use that term. HK does use systematic manual muscle testing or muscle monitoring with a light touch, and includes concepts from acupuncture and acupressure as part of its procedures. HK is part of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), as a holistic health, or healing modality. HK focuses on health and wellness. Energy Psychology fits within the HK framework very well, as HK, when still a new method of kinesiology, developed an extensive system of procedures to work optimally with people psychologically and spiritually, physically and emotionally, biochemically and nutritionally, environmentally and ecologically.

HK is not Applied Kinesiology or Touch for Health, TFH (or its more recent name, Touch for Health Kinesiology, TFHK). As HK pre-dated them, neither is it Applied Physiology, Edu-K, Edu-Kinesthetics or Educational Kinesiology, Brain Gym, NAET, Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), Clinical Kinesiology, Three-In-One, One-Brain, Professional Kinesiology Practitioner (PKP), Neural Organization Technique (NOT), Behavioral Kinesiology (BK), nor any of the other dozens of variations and schools of kinesiology. HK also works with animals, although HK is definitely not veterinary medicine.

HK is frequently used to work bioenergetically with people who complain of: Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD, or ADHD), hyperactivity, learning disorders, dyslexia, various types of brain dysfunction, Autism and its variants such as Asperger’s Syndrome. Allergies and intolerances to foods, pollens, dust, animals, organic chemicals, drugs, and other toxic materials. Geobiology and Geopathic Energies, including electromagnetic fields (EMF) and various earth energies. So-called “autoimmune diseases” such as Arthritis, Multiple sclerosis, Hashimoto’s. Metabolic and nutritional problems, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Environmental Illness, addictions, like drug, alcohol or other substance abuse, infections. Eye and vision, ear and auditory, and other sensory function issues. Psychological and Emotional Stress, phobias and fears, relationships, and other psychic issues. Almost everything.



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