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Health Kinesiology™, Canada and USA

This site.
The international and only official headquarters of Health Kinesiology. Biographies of all HK teacher/practitioners worldwide.
Links to individual HKPs below.

Jeanine Monnin, USA

Jeanine practices and teaches HK in many locations in the United States. This is her own site, which includes healing success stories from her own practice of HK.

Healing Tree
Deb Sawyer, USA


Health Kinesiology™ in Europe

Health Kinesiology™, Belgium

Find HK Practitioners practicing in Belgium and schedules for Belgian HK classes as well as lots of information about HK.

Health Kinesiology™, United Kingdom

Lots of information on HK in Britain. Class schedules, articles, client stories and more. Find the clickable map to locate an HK Practitioner near you in England, Scotland, or Wales!

Jane Thurnell-Read, United Kingdom

Downloadable articles about kinesiology, test kits for students and practitioners, information on workshops taught by Jane Thurnell-Read, products to help you live a happier and healthier life.

Swiss HK Association

The Swiss HK students' organization. Offering HK courses as well as support and HK practice sessions.

Klaus Schäfer, Germany

Klaus Schäfer practices and teaches HK in southern Germany. This site provides information on HK in the German language, as well as class schedules for Klaus.- auf deutsch

Individual HK Practitioner (HKP) Websites

These sites are not necessarily endorsed by Health Kinesiology™. They are sites constructed by individual practitioners of Health Kinesiology™ themselves. Please contact the HK head office if you have any reason to question an inclusion on this site (see Contacting Us). HK Practitioners who have their own web site are invited to let us know so they can be included here.

UK Practitioners 





Caroline Knight, England


Caroline uses HK as well as other modalities. She feels that her work on play and creativity would be of special interest to other HK Practitioners.

...still adding!  (send your own HK Practitioner's web site address to us for possible inclusion)





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